Lunuganga Estate

Over a period of fifty years Geoffrey Bawa took time and consideration in creating his magical country home, Lunuganga.

He was a firm believer that a city house was convenient and allowed people to direct their own affairs with more efficiency; but it was a country home that preserved a person's strength and restored his mind with literature and comfort.

As you view this garden retreat, so lovingly created over a span of fifty years, it is hard to appreciate just how much effort has gone into its creation.

The land in which the Lunuganga estate resides now has a long beautiful history. It was a Dutch cinnamon garden and then a British rubber estate. The area around Lunuganga is the wettest and most fertile region of the island. To the east of the estate, lies the mysterious Sinharaja Forest, which is the last surviving primeval rain forest in the country.

The estate itself sits beside two low hills along the Dedduwa Lake, and as you look further down you can see the Indian Ocean splash over coral reefs. As you breathe in the fresh air, you get a feeling of complete peace.

Lunuganga consists of the Entrance court, Glass house, Garden room, Gallery, Main house, Smallhouse, Cinnamon hill house, Middle walk, Broad walk, Plain of jars and Cinnamon Hill.

Guided tours are offered everyday between 9 am. and 5 pm. The visitors can also enjoy a meal or tea on the terrace overlooking the Dedduwa Lake.